Understanding Fedex Tracking On Your Order


As soon as you complete your order, our online processing system will email you an order confirmation. If any of the information is incorrect, please email us at
Our online processing system will generate a FedEx shipping label and tracking number for your order within 24 hours.
Understanding FedEx Tracking Terminology
  • Label created” means that we are still processing your order and making everything ready for FedEx pickup. 
    At this time, please disregard the expected ship date and delivery date on the FedEx label as those are only an estimate.
  • In transit” means that FedEx picked up your order and it is on its way to the shipping address on record. Delivery date is now accurate.  During this time, if you would like to change the delivery date for reason, you can contact FedEx at 1.800.463.3339 and schedule a different delivery date free of charge.
  • Delivered” means that FedEx has delivered your order to the shipping address on record. The label will show the exact date and time your order was delivered. 
You can track the progress of your shipment using the FedEx tracking number shown on your account.
You can subscribe to get automatic shipment updates on by entering your tracking number and clicking on Get Status Updates.